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Ewout Prangsma

I'm a freelance software developer who loves to solve complex technical problems to make life easier for end users.
I'm also a dad, a husband and a model train enthusiast.
This is what I've made and what I do.


Aljabr multi-cloud, cloud native data pipelines.
As a freelancer, I'm helping the Aljabr team to design & develop various tools and frameworks for working with data pipelines in a highly scalable, multi-cloud environment predictable, declarative and fun.

Technical skills: Go, Kubernetes, HDFS, Data pipelines, Spark, Cloud infrastructures


ArangoDB is a multi-model NoSQL database.
One Core. One Query Language. Multiple Data Models.
As a freelancer, I'm helping the ArangoDB cluster team to design, develop & maintain various tools for making the deployment of the database easier, more reliable and more cost effective.
Some of the projects I'm involved in are cross datacenter replication, Kubernetes operator, and bare-metal deployment.

Technical skills: Go, ArangoDB, Kubernetes, Docker, Cloud infrastructures

Blue Oceans Group

At the Blue Oceans Group we love thinking about new concepts and finding the right markets.
So that’s wat we do.

We build ships to conquer blue oceans. With hard work we keep our ships moving and find land.
The Blue Oceans Group creates disruptive concepts in exsisting and new markets. With a team of professional developers and marketeers we tend to fight established parties, or make new parties fight ours. We launch companies and steer them in the right way. Once a ship finds land our main goal is attracting the right partners and grow fast. By outsourcing key activities and employ talented people, we’re able to keep our focus on creating.

Technical skills: Go, Ember.js, ES2015, CoreOS, Docker, Fleet, Containers, Micro Services, Infrastructures

Giant Swarm

Giant Swarm is a customizable solution for running microservices today.
When designing a product as a large set of micro services, at some point you'll have to deal with deploying all of these services and keeping them operational. This is no easy task that involves provisioning machines, deploying services, collecting logs, monitoring performance & uptime and so on.
This can all be done from scratch but that takes a lot of time and money. Giant Swarm is building a software stack that enables you to focus on your product and not everything that is needed to operate it.
As a freelancer I've helped to design & build the backend of this stack as well as the tooling needed to control it.

Technical skills: Go, CoreOS, Docker, Fleet, Containers, Micro Services


Subliminl is a platform for User Generated Advertising.
The Subliminl platform enables businesses to have their fans create advertisements for them. Fans take a picture, insert advertisement artwork into it with our app and share in on their social network. The businesses then reward participating fans with goodies (real goods and services).
I'm co-founder and CTO of Subliminl.

Technical skills: Node.js, Android, iOS, AngularJS, MongoDB


JNode is an all java operating system. Everything (including the virtual machine) is written in Java, except for a very small piece of assembly code.
I started this project many years ago as just a hobby project. "How hard can it be..."
When I went public with it, many other developers got interested and started extending it.
Nowadays it has support for all kinds of filesystems, a graphical user interface, networking and much more.

Technical skills: Java, Operating Systems, PC hardware


dot42 is a Android development tool chain for C# programmers. It allows you to write Android apps in C# using Visual Studio.
I wrote the cross compiler from .NET code to Dex code, the Visual Studio integration (including debugger), a lot of the framework code and various sample apps.

Technical skills: Android, Dex/Dalvik, C#, Compiler construction

DeepSea Obfuscator

DeepSea Obfuscator is an easy to use .NET obfuscator. It is designed to provide good protection without crossing the boundaries of the .NET specification.
I wrote the entire application.

Technical skills: C#, .NET internals, Obfuscation techniques


PDF/Mergician is an allround PDF forms filling tool.
If you have any kind of database and want to fill data into existing or new PDF forms, this application was the tool to use.

Technical skills: C#, PDF, ASP.NET

Model trains

I've been playing with model trains all my life. Currently I have an H0 scale and an N scale track and I'm a member of a small group of model train enthusiasts who are working on an H0m scale "Swiss" track. All of these tracks are controlled using Binky Railways, a program I wrote to make train automation a bit easier.

Technical skills: C#


Checkout my resumé for even more of my history.